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District 1 activity report and bridge closing update

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June 30th marks the end of the fiscal year for Logan County. It is a busy time for county workers as preparation for the new budget is underway, contracts are being renewed, and much paperwork completed.

A lot of road maintenance is also underway in District 1, especially as we prepare to close Broadway for the construction of a new bridge at Broadway and Camp.

We received word from the contractor that the July 2 start date has been moved back to July 23, so the roadway will not close as soon as expected. We will try to keep you updated about the project in order
to prevent inconvenience. We do anticipate closing the roadway briefly in the near future for a utility relocation prior to the project beginning, and will try to publish notice of this as well.

We continue to prepare the route that will provide a detour around Broadway bridge construction. Toward that effort, we have applied rock on Prairie Grove from Broadway to Santa Fe and on Santa Fe from Prairie Grove to Seward. We have also been working on Seward east of Broadway to Academy. We have rocked Academy from Seward to Triplett, cutting trees on Triplett and applying rock from Broadway to Bryant.

The road crew has also been busy performing general maintenance, patching areas of Hollie Chappell, Myrtle Lane, Coltrane, Bryant, Rock Creek Estates, Simpson, Simmons and Broadway.

Our John Deere tractor was in the shop for a few days undergoing repair but is now back in service, enabling us to mow roadsides. We’ve been using a new boom mower to clear trees from right-of-way on
Simpson, Seward and Triplett, and have been trimming vegetation around guardrails on Broadway.

On Simpson we are rebuilding road structure, pulling ditches, raising road grade, opening culverts, trimming trees and applying aggregate.

We’ve ordered culverts for Corey Rd. and for Forrest Hills, College and Hogan.

On Forrest Hills, the road crew has begun rebuilding the road from the paved section eastward to Oakwood Dr. We plan to continue improving the roadway there. We have also been working on Davis Rd. from Industrial Rd. south, and have installed a new tinhorn on Davis. We will be mowing and shouldering up the roadway as well.

Next week, weather permitting, we hope to begin repairing an area that was damaged by storm water earlier this year on Broadway just north of Hwy. 33 in Cedar Valley. Flooding carved out a section of the road there, and District 3 has loaned us a laydown machine so we can replace the asphalt that was swept away.

Additional work is planned on Charter Oak Rd. west of Western where several areas have been sawcut in preparation for patching. We hope to complete these repairs within the span of two days. Overall, efforts are underway to maintain and improve infrastructure in Logan County District 1.

Mark Sharpton
District 1

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