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Progress on Midwest Project‏

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After extensive work in clearing ditches and establishing road base, bids were sent out for asphalting Midwest from Simmons to Waterloo. The bids were opened March 30th and the project awarded to Atlas Paving Company for $91,350.00. This cost will provide for 2 ½” of
asphalt 22’ wide.

Atlas Paving Company plans to start laying asphalt during the week of June 11. This will be a one or two-day process, so we would appreciate everyone’s cooperation in choosing an alternate route on those two days, if possible.

As we have mentioned in earlier updates, this section is one mile of a five-mile project planned for paving Midwest from Waterloo to Forrest Hills (No Name) and Forrest Hills from Midwest to Pine. We have already completed the mile section of Midwest between Charter Oak and Simmons, with Simmons to Waterloo being the second mile.

In the near future we will be clearing trees from the right of way on Forrest Hills between Midwest and Pine. Once the trees are cleared drainage will be reestablished and the old chip seal road will be ground up and reclaimed.

With each mile of new paving completed, it frees up money which has been used in maintaining the old chip seal roads. This allows us to apply funding toward other critical needs.

Other District 2 major projects include soil stabilization at two bridge sites. These projects are being financed through the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS). NRCS is a program administered by the United States Department of Agriculture. With District 2’s
help, rip rap will be hauled in and placed on the banks adjoining the bridge on CR 75 west of Triple X, and on the banks of the bridge on Peebly, south of Simmons. This stabilization will prevent damage to the bridges and save the county future bridge repair expenses.

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