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Mulhall students save to help patients save on chemotherapy

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It is amazing how a little thing like a soda pull tab can make such a big difference, but they can when there are a lot of them.

Nearly eight gallons of soda tabs have been collected by the elementary, with a little help from the high school. Each gallon donated to Relay for Life, will provided a cancer patient with one free chemotherapy treatment.

Last year the yearbook staff sponsored several events to raise money for cancer research through Relay for Life. Mrs. Hunt decided to continue the project and is continuously surprised by the amount of tabs that students bring. She said, “The collection a great way to help and it teaches students to look beyond themselves to the needs of others.” She plans to continue the collection.

There are collection containers in both the elementary and the high school libraries. Everyone is welcome to join the cause and add to the total. Students have even placed collection containers at their parents’ jobs sites.

Relay For Life Committee members, Tina Heyvaert and Dr. Dawn Hacker
Students pictures: Back row: Braiden Shoulders and KayLea Taylor Front Row: Rachel Williams, Joe Hermann, Kylee Phillips, Briley Harman, Grace Riggs

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  1. Christy
    May 3, 2012 at 10:23 am

    Great story. I love people helping people stories and when it is young people it is even better.

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