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Coyle mourning the death of a young student

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It was an emotional day for the Coyle school district and especially elementary students as they learned the passing of their friend and classmate on Tuesday morning.

Madison Simmons, a third grade student, died from complications of an asthma condition on Monday evening. Simmons is the daughter of Joe Simmons, a Langston football assistant coach and Cheresa (Diggs) Simmons.

“It has been a very glum day here at Coyle Schools,” educator and teacher Dr. John Winters said.

Counselors from Mulhall and Guthrie Public Schools were on hand Tuesday along with local pastors for the students and teachers.

“She was a precious little girl and she will be missed by everyone.,” Coyle school teacher Tonya Nichols said. “I think all of Langston, Coyle and Meridian are mourning her loss today and I’m praying that they will be able to get through this difficult time.”

Funeral arrangements are pending with Hayes Funeral Home.

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