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Logan County filings for December 5, 2011

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The following actions were filed in the District Court of Logan County on December 5, 2011.

Criminal Felony (CF)

CF-2011-313 State of Oklahoma v. Lawson, Justin Kyle
CF-2011-314 State of Oklahoma v. Dye, Ryan Heith

Criminal Misdemeanor (CM)

CM-2011-791 State of Oklahoma v. Stacy, Kendra Denise
CM-2011-792 State of Oklahoma v. Jotz, Lois Michele
CM-2011-793 State of Oklahoma v. Calvert, Jack Edward
CM-2011-794 State of Oklahoma v. Shaw, Desiree Louise
CM-2011-795 State of Oklahoma v. Mccleary, Matthew Scott
CM-2011-796 State of Oklahoma v. Roselius, Terri Lynn
CM-2011-797 State of Oklahoma v. Allen, Bakari Princeton
CM-2011-798 State of Oklahoma v. Holiwell, Julian Miles

Civil relief less than $10,000 (CS)

CS-2011-395 Midland Funding LLC v. Pamela A. Payne
CS-2011-396 Midland Funding LLC v. Joyce Burt

Protective Order (PO)

PO-2011-144 Staley, Kenner K v. Cave, Daniel Scott
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