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Plans to replace bridge on Charter Oak move

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One of the most striking photos we have at the District 1 shop is of a huge accumulation of flood debris. The photo catches your attention when you walk into the office and new visitors often stop to observe  or comment on it.

It’s quite a marvel, the tangle of trees and limbs and miscellaneous objects amassed by fast-moving water and then deposited around the old wooden bridge on Charter Oak Road west of Oak Cliff’s fire station #2. Much of the debris has since washed downstream, but when heavy flooding occurs, the process begins all over again and the road and bridge must be closed. However, plans are underway to change this. Thanks to the cooperation of landowners in the area who have worked with the county in allowing us to acquire right-of-way, we plan to replace the bridge. Not only will this mitigate some of the reoccurring issues, but a new structure will allow fire and emergency vehicles to cross.

The process for replacing this bridge over Chisholm Creek began in November 2008 when we submitted a Programming Resolution to the Department of Transportation. We performed a title search for each landowner and notified them of the proposed project so the lengthy environment clearance process could begin. A plan-in-hand meeting with ODOT and engineers was conducted in September 2009 and we submitted an application to the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments for funding for the project. Our next step will be to notify utility companies of the potential need to relocate their lines. As the process moves forward, we are nearer our goal of replacing an outdated, inefficient structure with a new 103 ft. bridge.

This year District 1 replaced structurally deficient bridges on Simpson and Council Roads, and in 2012, will replace the narrow bridge on Broadway Rd. north of Seward. Replacing the Charter Oak Bridge will
allow us to continue the progress we are making in improving Logan County infrastructure.

Mark Sharpton
Logan County District 1

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