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October 2011 Obituaries

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Guthrie News Page Obituaries for October 2011.

10-31-2011 Butler Dorena 95 Smith-Gallo
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10-28-2011 Metcalf Ruth 91 Hayes
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10-25-2011 Woodard Lela 90 Hayes
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10-20-2011 Shreffler Virginia 57 Smith-Gallo
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10-15-2011 Beckner Sharon 67 Smith-Gallo
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10-14-2011 Acton Betty 87 Smith-Gallo
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10-13-2011 Curtis Daniel 57 Smith-Gallo
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10-09-2011 Teuscher Clyde 82 Hayes
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10-01-2011 Curry Gayle 69 Hayes View Obituary
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