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Guthrie fire crews battle house fire

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The cooler Oklahoma weather may have aided in a house fire on the east side of Guthrie Tuesday evening.

Guthrie fire fighters make entrance to a house fire on East Springer. The damage is estimated at $110,000.

Guthrie fire crews, along with Oak Cliff and Coyle fire departments, responded to a structure fire at 1821 E. Springer shortly after 8:00 p.m. A woman and her dog lived at the house, and had just left to run an errand when the fire started.

There were no injuries, including no fire fighter injuries reported.

According to Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow, the entire attic was on fire on first arrival, but was able to save most of the house.

“Fortunately, we saved most of the damage to the attic and living room area. Most of the bedrooms are relatively untouched other than some heat and smoke damage,” Harlow said.

Along with the fire crews, OG&E and the American Red Cross were on site to help.

Investigators are estimating about $110,000 worth of damage and suspect the source of the fire came in the attic with possibly a malfunction of a heater.

“We have a little cold snap and people are turning on their heaters. If your air smells worse than usual, or in different, when you turn it on, then you definitely need to have it checked by a license professional.” Harlow concluded.

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