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County’s membership in ACOG benefits public‏

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One of my goals upon becoming Commissioner was to encourage Logan County to become active in the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments. ACOG is a transportation planning association composed of city, town and county governments. The role of the organization is to address transportation issues that impact growth and travel demands in
the Central Oklahoma region. As a member of ACOG, we attend monthly meetings in Oklahoma City to stay abreast of the programs which provide opportunities for road and bridge improvements.

Over the years, involvement in ACOG has enabled the county to apply for a substantial amount of state and federal funding. This has been used to pave roads, install storm sirens, purchase signs, apply pavement markings and build bridges.

Some of the most recent improvements in the county include 3 ½ miles of asphalt paving on Western Avenue, bridge replacements on Simpson and Council and safety striping on various roadways throughout commission districts. Funds in the amount of $988,000 have also been authorized by ACOG to replace the narrow bridge on Broadway over Cottonwood Creek just south of Camp Rd.

The majority of funding for these projects was through the Surface Transportation Program Urbanized Areas (STP-UZA). Applications for this program are submitted annually. This year the deadline is December 15. By March, final determinations will be made as to which projects qualify for funding.

We are busy right now gathering information and working with our engineer to prepare applications for various infrastructure improvements. We choose projects which best meet the criteria so that chances for funding are enhanced. An active partnership with ACOG has proven to be beneficial to our community in the past and we are working to ensure that improvements continue in the future.

Mark Sharpton
Logan County District 1

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