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Short night of approvals for city council

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Both the Guthrie Public Works Authority and City Council had a short consent agenda Tuesday evening and approved all resolutions in the process.

Four members of the council were present with councilman Trey Ayers absent as well as the current vacant seat left by Ellen Gomes, who resigned her post in early September.

The council appointed Jim Reazer to the Guthrie Housing Authority Board of Commissioners with the term to expire in August 2012. In addition on the consent agenda, the council approved lease agreement between the city and North American Shooting Academy for the use of the city’s gun range.

A resolution passed that the GPWA Trust was given further separation between the city as the beneficial interest of the Trust and the business operations of the Trust as separate legal entities.

The council convene for city council and returned with an approval of the collective bargaining agreement for the fiscal year 2012 with the employees in the International Association of Fire Fighters.

While in executive session, the council discussed the lawsuit concerning Rural Water District No. 1 and two imitative petitions that were filed with the city, including the petition filed on the 15th concerning changing the charter where citizens would vote for approval or rejection of any increase in water, sewer, trash, or user fee’s at the next general or special election.

The most recent petition seeks to amend the Charter to require the City Attorney to reside within the City Limits or the Guthrie School District. At this point the individuals who submitted the petition must gather the required signatures to proceed.

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