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Foster mom facing abuse charges in child death

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A foster mom is facing a charge of abuse in connection to the death of child. Amy Holder, 40, was charged with child abuse after 2-year-old Naomi Whitecrow died in her home in January 2009.

Her trial started Tuesday with jury selection.

Opening arguments are set to begin Wednesday morning.

“There’s no evidence. She didn’t do anything wrong. She never hurt this child. No one ever saw her hurt the child. She didn’t do anything,” Holder’s attorney Scott Adams said.

Holder told investigators she found Naomi and she wasn’t breathing.

She then attempted CPR and called 911.

The Logan County District Attorney’s Office said Naomi had numerous injuries including “blunt force trauma” and “multiple contusions and abrasions” all over her body.

When interviewed by authorities, Holder told them Naomi had significant emotional and physical health problems.

According to the OSBI, other people interviewed, including a former foster parent, contradict that saying Naomi was a happy and healthy child.

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office never determined an exact cause of death.

Investigators said an out-of-state expert determined the child died of blunt force trauma to her head and body.

“I expect for Amy to be acquitted and she’ll go about her life. I mean, it’s already a black cloud over her head and hopefully we’ll be able to remove it,” Adams said.

The Logan County District Attorney’s office isn’t commenting on the case until the trial wraps up.

This was submitted by KFOR.com. Guthrie News Page will have more updates as this case continues.

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