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August 2011 Obituaries

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The following are the August 2011 Obituaries.


 August 2011 Obituaries

Date Last Name First Name Age Funeral Home Obituary
08-26-2011 Sanabria Fay 90 Smith-Gallo
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08-24-2011 Bradshaw Jessie 92 Smith-Gallo
View Obituary
08-24-2011 Martinez Antonio 72 Hayes
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08-15-2011 Allnutt Shawn 33 Smith-Gallo
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08-14-2011 Brower Sara 95 Hayes
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08-14-2011 Benton Ronald 65 Smith-Gallo
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08-14-2011 Bowman Beverly 74 Smith-Gallo View Obituary
08-12-2011 Lile Ruthelene 87 Smith-Gallo View Obituary
08-11-2011 Fryar Raymond 73 Smith-Gallo View Obituary
08-09-2011 Harris Wanda 74 Smith-Gallo
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08-08-2011 Cullie Robert 46 Hayes
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08-07-2011 Hoopingarner Maymie 70 Smith-Gallo
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08-04-2011 Knox Emme Infant Hayes View Obituary
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