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Teenage thieves rob house with gun fire; house burned

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Guthrie resident Doug McLaurin got a scare early Monday morning around 3 a.m. Unfortunately for him, he was not dreaming when he was attacked with gun fire in his own home.

Doug McLaurin's house after three people broke in and torched the house after stealing items and shooting at him. Photo By Chris Evans

A trio of teenage attackers kicked in the back door of his house located at 1324 E. Springer and began firing shots at McLaurin with a .22 Caliber Pistol. McLaurin told a Oklahoma City news station that “he ran for his life.”

According to Lt. Mark Bruning, “Basically, they broke into the house, fired a shot at him and assaulted him. He ran and they couldn’t catch him. He waited in the woods.”

The teenagers took jewelry, antiques and cash before setting the house on fire.

McLaurin quickly used his cell phone to call the Guthrie police and that is when the story took another twist with a high-speed pursuit.

The chase lasted several miles with speeds reaching 100 mph before coming to a crashing end on a rural road when the suspects lost control of their vehicle. After the crash, two teens were arrested, but the third escaped.

Bryant Jamal Anderson (02-17-1993) and Hunter Ryan Adams (09-15-1994) acted jointly together and each were charged on five counts including: conspiracy to commit a felony, burglary in the first degree, robbery with a weapon, arson in the first degree and shooting with intent to kill.

When all the charges are combined the two could face up to $30,000 and imprisonment up to life in jail.

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  1. Cindy Kay
    August 29, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Just invite me to jury duty for these 2 felons.

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