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Jared from Subway visits Guthrie

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Jared from Subway has been all over the United States spreading his message about eating properly and one of his recent stops came in Guthrie.

Jared Fogle, known as the Subway guy, spoke to children of the Peppers Ranch in Guthrie Saturday morning about eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Fogle made appearance’s in the Oklahoma City area on Friday.

Fogle’s story has been told how he once weighed 425 pounds and had a 60 inch waist jeans. The jeans make the tour with him so he can show exactly the difference between now and then looks like.

Fogle credits the weight loss by walking 30 minutes a day and eating two low-calorie sandwiches a day from Subway.

After the meeting with the children where Fogle took questions, he was given a tour of the Ranch.

Anna Barlow, a Peppers Ranch resident, told The Oklahoman, it’s good for the children to hear the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle from someone else besides Mom and Dad. It drives home the importance of being healthy.

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