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Storm damage questions and answers

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Due to the number of calls we’ve been receiving at District 1 from those who suffered recent storm damage, I wanted to address the questions we are being asked. The most common being….
“Does the county have a plan to remove storm debris?”
The answer is…regretfully,…no. We haven’t the means to do so. Our nine man crew has all it can do currently to maintain 275 miles of roadway within District 1. Manpower and resources are limited, and our first obligation is to ensure roadways are free of debris. By statute we cannot enter private property and even removing debris from right-of-way is secondary to maintaining roads. Additionally, our one small dump truck would be insufficient for the amount of debris removal which exists. However, county officials and road crew have assessed and photographed storm damage, should any funding sources open up to assist the public.
In the Edmond area, monthly trash service fees assessed to municipal residents help pay for debris removal. No such system is in place within unincorporated areas of Logan County. The revenue the county receives is from fuel tax and motor vehicle collections and must be used for road and bridge maintenance.
Is the burn ban still in effect?
Yes. The county ban has expired but the governor enacted a burn ban which covers all of Oklahoma.That ban supersedes county declarations. For information about the state ban, go to http://www.forestry.ok.gov/burn-ban-information.
If I can’t burn the debris, where can I take it for disposal?
Guthrie has a recycling and convenience center which will dispose of waste, but there is a charge by the yard. The number for that facility is 282-2978. There are also landfills in Oklahoma City where you can
haul debris. Location information for these facilities is posted on the web.
We talked to staff at the landfill located on NE 36th and Sooner, where we were told the charge per pickup is a minimum of $50.00 and/or $6.50 per cubic yard. Hours are 6:30 to 4:30 Monday-Friday and
Saturday 8:00 to noon. The number is 427-1112.
Please let me know if you have further questions and I will do my best to address them.
Mark Sharpton
District 1

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