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Enid man charged with lewd molestation

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An Enid man has been charged with lewd molestation and lewd acts in the presence of a Logan County child under 16. 

Zachariah Jetton is accused of lewd acts with a child under 16.

Zachariah Jetton (02-15-1987) has been charged with two counts, including lewd molestation and lewd acts in presence of a child under 16.

The child, a six-year-old female, is the daughter of Jetton’s girlfriend Loretta Streck.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the acts may have occurred in the home of Streck late in 2010 in Marshall. Streck’s three children, including the alleged victim, were removed from the home by DHS and put in the care of the grandparents.

The report states the child told authorities that  “Zach” had touched and hurt her and he did a crazy dance with his penis and a frog came out of his penis on to the ground. The child also told detectives that Zach and her mom were fighting and making blood come out of her mouth.

A forensic interview was conducted in Stillwater. In the interview, the child knew the truth from lies and male and female body parts according to the officer’s report. The child went on to say that at her mom’s house Zach took her clothes off several different times and committed lewd acts.

A preliminary hearing has been set for August 25th in front of Judge Louis A. Duel for the two counts.

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