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Heat pounding Guthrie, Mineral Wells Park

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Guthrie continues to scorch from this abnormal summer with temperatures reaching triple digits almost daily.

In July, Guthrie saw triple digits every day but one back on July 25th when it reached a “cozy” 97 degrees. Not only did the area see above normal heat, majority of the July afternoon’s reached a minimum of 105. The hottest day came back on July 12th with a posting of 112.

July is on record as the warmest month on average since data has been collected.

The heat has taken its toll on ponds, including the one in Mineral Wells Park.

Guthrie City Manager Matt Mueller said his office has received a lot of calls about the pond. The most common question has been “why can’t you just fill it up?”

Water has disappeared from the Mineral Wells Park pond.

“Environmental regulations prohibit us from putting treated water into the plant, and we do not have a raw water line that can access the area,” Mueller said. “The drying of the pond has not been caused by any construction or plugged tin horns, it is simply an unfortunate symptom of the drought,” Mueller completed.

The Guthrie heat appears it will not be going away anytime soon as August has already seen temperatures as high as 112 (twice) and 110. The extended forecast is calling for three digit heat through the middle of the month.

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  1. laurah
    August 7, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    It would be nice if someone could clean the dead tree branches out while the water is gone.

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