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Sidewalks to be considered for students in Council meeting

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The 61st Guthrie City Council will meet Tuesday, August 2nd, at 7:00 for a regular scheduled meeting.

The council will consider approving minutes from the special city council workshop, regular city council meeting and claims.

The council will consider approving the use of the Soccer Field at 300 N. Academy Road and waiving the 5% fee, as recommended by the Guthrie Park Board for the Logan County Soccer Club, Inc.

Next on the agenda, the council will consider approval of Budget Amendment Number 6 and increasing the budget for the General Fund in the amount of $6,080.  The requested amendment is for funds received from the Friends of the Guthrie Public Library in the amount of $136 for electronic library material and from Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group in the amount of $5,944 for a vehicle that was damaged.

The council will then considering a contract for engineering services for the Safe Routes to School Project and between the City of Guthrie and Jackson & Jackson Engineering, Inc. The agreement would design a sidewalk along the north right-of-way of East Jefferson Avenue from Fogarty Elementary to N. Ash Street; and along the west right-of-way of N. Broad Street from E. Jefferson to E. Washington Avenue; and along the east right-of-way of N. Wentz Street from E. College Avenue to E. Jefferson Street.

The Safe Routes to School Program is a 100% federally funded reimbursement program and Jackson & Jackson Engineering, Inc. has been approved by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for professional engineering services. 

Two public hearings will be heard with Guthrie resident Angie Byte requesting a message therapy business as a home occupation in North Park Street and Howard Williams will be seeking approval to place a manufactured home in a R-1 residential zone.

The council will convene for an executive session to discuss a pending investigation by  Logan County Rural Water #1 and will return for consideration.

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