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Updates provide information about county government

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Training a new hire reminded me of how much there is to learn about the role of county government and the many regulations which govern its daily operation.

“This is not a job you just walk into,” someone said. I agree. Mastering any new task can prove daunting but there are complexitiesin government which create extra challenges. One example is the purchasing law and all the rules that go with it.

Fortunately, as I took office, training was available for newly-elected officials through the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma and the OSU County Training Program. However, day-to-day operations taught me the most.

Those daily experiences also made me realize that people are often unaware of how local government operates and what its role and functions are.

That is why several years ago District 1 initiated a move to provide information to citizens through the publication of a newsletter. Since then we have converted to electronic and social media. Our purpose is to help the public understand why county government operates as it does and to keep you informed about how we are trying to serve you.

If you know of others interested in receiving news updates about county operations, please let them know they can email us at marksharpton@sbcglobal.net and ask to be included on our update list. And if you have questions about any of the information we generate, feel free to give me a call.

Mark Sharpton
District 1

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