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Logan County filings for July 1, 2011

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Daily filings for Thursday, July 1, 2011 in Logan County.

Civil Relief more than $10,000

CJ-2011-168 Walker, Eugene v. Craner, Chad
CJ-2011-169 Gragg, Jeanette C v. Welch, Chester, et al.

Criminal Misdemeanor

CM-2011-460 State of Oklahoma v. Bosin, Ron Michael

Criminal Relief less than $10,000

CS-2011-225 Credit Collections, Inc. v. Baker, Julius
CS-2011-226 Credit Collections, Inc. v. McGee, Carol
CS-2011-227 Credit Collections, Inc. v. Stroud, Debra Sue
CS-2011-228 Equable Ascent Financial LLC v. Miller, Steve, et al.

Family and Domestic

FD-2011-125 Todd Ray Vs Ashley Ray
FD-2011-126 In re the Marriage of: Stepp, David and Eakes/stepp, Ann F.

Protective Order

PO-2011-78 Flatt, Cynthia Dawn v. Flatt, Gary Keith Jr

Small Claims

SC-2011-239 Shirley Ingram vs. The City of Guthrie
SC-2011-240 Bell Finance v. Kathy Ordaz
SC-2011-241 Bell Finance v. Kody Ellis
SC-2011-242 Bell Finance v. Karen Holliday
SC-2011-243 Bell Finance v. Murl Vick


TR-2011-2077 State of Oklahoma v. Gipson, Antonio
TR-2011-2078 State of Oklahoma v. Payne, Laura Ann
TR-2011-2079 State of Oklahoma v. Gilliand, Randy Leon
TR-2011-2080 State of Oklahoma v. Herzog, Corey Dean
TR-2011-2081 State of Oklahoma v. Holbrook, Cory David
TR-2011-2082 State of Oklahoma v. Ross, Rishca A
TR-2011-2083 State of Oklahoma v. Secrist, Neal Brian
TR-2011-2084 State of Oklahoma v. Pendergraft, Jason Earl
TR-2011-2085 State of Oklahoma v. Marcelino, Jimenez Hernandez
TR-2011-2086 State of Oklahoma v. Kirkwood, Katherine E
TR-2011-2087 State of Oklahoma v. Stanley, Littie Arnette
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