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$300,000 insurance check to help begin rebuilding

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The City of Guthrie can now start putting the pieces back together due to the May 24th Guthrie tornado after receiving a $300,000 insurance check to cover the damage.

The Guthrie Animal Shelter and Public Works facility were among the structures that were hit by the EF-5 twister that started 8 miles northwest of Binger and ended 4 miles northeast of Guthrie for a total of 75 miles on the ground. The twister is the biggest ever to hit Guthrie.

President Barack Obama declared a major disaster for damage in Oklahoma, including Logan County, to help in recovery efforts with reimbursements.

The City received $10,000 in insurance money to replace the concession stand at the soccer field that was damaged.

Guthrie City Manager Matt Mueller told The Edmond Sun, “we’re in the process of designing specs and going out to bid on the repair of the facilities.”

Mueller went on to say that three public works structures must be completely replaced and the funds toward the animal shelter would not be sufficient, but then FEMA will pay 75 percent of the remaining costs.

At last weeks city council meeting, the council approved a temporary building, at 1923 Ruhl Drive, for the Public Works facility. The insurance company approved the six month rent cost of $3,500 a month and the month-to-month cost afterwards if needed.

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