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Rubber duck race to support children’s shelter

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Story submitted by Kim Querry on on Monday, June 20th.

A local children’s shelter has found a unique way to raise money while having fun. Read more…

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NBC omits “under God” in pledge of allegiance

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NBC Sports immediately became under fire shortly after the network trimmed two references of the Pledge of Allegiance during an opening piece of the major golf tournament, U.S. Open Championship, that aired Sunday. Read more…

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The Year of the Reprimand

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June 20, 2011
The Oklahoma Constitution contains a clause that says that for any speech or debate in the egislature, legislators shall not be questioned in any other place. In other words, the speech of Representatives while considering legislation is sacrosanct. The clause mirrors a provision in the US Constitution and places a priority on the ability of legislators without fear of retribution to expose any wrong, debate any idea, and express any point of view, regardless of how unpopular or controversial the viewpoint. Read more…

Enhanced risk of severe weather today

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The National Weather Service in Norman is expecting a cold front today that could bring some severe weather to the Guthrie area after 4:00 this afternoon. Read more…

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